Qianhai companies donate 300m yuan to Hubei

Source : Qianhai Media Center

Qianhai-registered companies have donated more than 250 million yuan (US$35.8 million) and various goods worth 50 million yuan to cities in Hubei Province to help fight the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

WeBank, the first private bank to assist Hubei in the country, donated 10 million yuan to the Hubei Charity Federation. The bank has also taken a series of measures, including opening green channels, adopting a moderately inclined credit policy, moderately reducing or exempting loan interest, strengthening the credit protection mechanism, adjusting money collection programs for customers in areas affected by the virus, and strengthening financial assistance to small- and micro-enterprises.

During the virus prevention and control period, WeBank will give priority to the online businesses in the virus-affected areas in terms of handling of funds remitted. All handling fees will be waived.

Enterprises related to medicine, medical equipment and scientific research and logistics sectors in areas hit by the virus will be given more credit loans.

For customers whose income is affected by the outbreak, WeBank will reduce or waive loan interest and postpone payment deadlines.

For patients who have been hospitalized or isolated due to virus infection, frontline medical staff, and customers who have no income or whose income has declined sharply due to the outbreak, if their loan is overdue, they will not be regarded as breaching the contract after verification. In addition, credit protection measures will be provided by the bank.

First Seafront Fund also donated 10 million yuan to Wuhan.

Cai Ying, general manager of First Seafront Fund, said that the company has responded to the virus prevention and control requirements made by the central,provincial and municipal governments.

“The company has formulated an emergency plan and started online and offline office work simultaneously to ensure stable and orderly operation of the company and the safety, stability, and smoothness of financial services,” said Cai.

In order to properly handle the investment problems encountered by customers and meet their investment needs during this special period, the company has provided their customers with guidance in online trading and online services through various methods such as its official website, WeChat and phone calls.

Many Hong Kong-funded enterprises and institutions in Qianhai also donated money and goods through various channels.

Qiu Junmei, head of Yixiao Doctor Group, said that she joined in a donation activity organized by her friends without hesitation. She and her friends purchased 100,000 medical masks through overseas channels and had them shipped to China. On Feb. 2, Qiu also donated another 2,000 pairs of medical rubber gloves.

Liu Ying, an entrepreneur in the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub, purchased 22,600 masks, 20 bottles of hand sanitizer and 170 bottles of isopropanol alcohol from overseas countries and donated them to Hubei. These medical supplies will be transported to medical organizations at the township level and will address their urgent need for supplies for virus prevention and control.

Hong Kong Recycling Chamber of Commerce also made generous donations of medical supplies to Hong Kong and Hubei.

Qianhai will spare no effort in helping Hubei win the battle against the coronavirus.

2020-02-14 14:33:00