Temporary measures implemented to combat COVID-19

Source : Qianhai Media Center

A total of 100 Party members of the Qianhai Cooperation Zone Party Working Committee have been appointed to work at the frontlines of the novel coronavirus (now renamed COVID-19) outbreak prevention and control efforts, in response to the peak of the return to work in Qianhai.

They were assigned to oversee the implementation of the measures at construction sites, office buildings and enterprise parks of the three major areas of Qianwan, Guiwan and Mawan. They also manage temperature checkpoints, entry registration, personnel management and more.

On the morning of Feb. 10, the first workday after a prolonged Spring Festival holiday, Liu Sujun, a staffer at the Industrial Development Department of the Qianhai Cooperation Zone Authority, was assigned to oversee measures at the Qianhai Free Trade Tower in Mawan. He shared outbreak prevention and control strategies with property managers, and inspected the disinfection of key public areas such as elevators, toilets, and entrances and exits.

In order to maintain high implementation standards, seven measures were launched in Qianhai.

Every building manager and assigned worker is required to sign a letter of responsibility vowing to fulfill their duties; only one entrance and exit is allowed for a divided zone, and every surface must be disinfected regularly; people who have traveled to or lived in Hubei Province will be put in quarantine and receive daily inspections; people’s travel history and daily whereabouts will be investigated; those who are in close contact with infected people will be isolated and quarantined; people entering and exiting the office places must accept body disinfection; and employees and workers in Qianhai will be informed of preventative measures and register personal information.

Another 12 measures have been also rolled out for COVID-19 prevention and control of the Qianhai Cooperation Zone Authority and enterprises and construction sites in Qianhai:

Workers who are still in Hubei Province are temporarily not allowed to return to Shenzhen;

All personnel returning from Hubei to Shenzhen will be quarantined;

All personnel returning to Shenzhen from other provinces should report their records of living, travel and the people they had contacted with;

Vehicles without a Shenzhen license plate are not allowed to enter Qianhai without permission;

To resume work, enterprises must carry out the daily disinfection of corridors, elevators and small enclosed places;

All people entering public areas are required to wear a mask;

Enterprises and individuals must cooperate with the investigations of building managers and staff members and must not conceal facts or provide false information;

All public places that are not necessary for work are closed and all gatherings are prohibited;

If a fever patient is found, the case must be reported immediately;

Buildings and construction sites with confirmed COVID-19 cases will be sealed for a 14-day isolation period; an isolation notice must be posted.

2020-02-13 11:16:00