Online notary service available for residents

Source : Qianhai Media Center

A citizen surnamed Huang received a notary certificate in just one working day thanks to the online notary services provided by the Qianhai Notary Office during the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) outbreak.

Huang, who needs a bilingual notary certificate for a tourism visa to Japan later this month, was worried that the outbreak would disrupt her plans before she found out that she could apply for the notary online at home and have a notary certificate delivered to her by post.

“I thought notary services would be delayed due to the NCP outbreak, but then I found out the notary office is providing normal services and accepts online applications,” said Huang. “I received the notary certificate by post within just one working day after uploading all the required materials, which met my urgent need,” she said.

The Qianhai Notarization Cloud Platform of the Qianhai Notary Office offers various services during the outbreak. The whole notarization process including uploading information, facial recognition, payment and contract-signing can be done online. Upon successful review, a notary certificate will be delivered by post. Applicants do not have to go pick it up in person.

The official website of Qianhai Notary Office is

2020-02-12 14:56:00