Cross-border e-commerce significantly increases in Qianhai

Source : Qianhai Media Center

Cross-border e-commerce import and export realized significant growth in 2019, thanks to the favorable customs clearance environment established by the customs authority.

According to Shenzhen Customs, the import orders in 2019 for cross-border e-commerce in the Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port Area amounted to 29.65 million, with a value of 3.32 billion yuan (US$481.39 million), year-on-year increases of 37 percent and 45 percent over the past two years.

Since the launch of the export business last year, a total of 110 million orders have been exported, reaching a value of 8.37 billion yuan.

On June 14 last year, the cross-border e-commerce general export model (9610 model) was successfully launched in the Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port Area. Under this model, after overseas consumers place an order on the Internet, the e-commerce company will deliver the parcel directly to Qianhai and customs will inspect and release the parcel according to the enterprise declaration list for quick clearance and ultimately choose the appropriate logistics channel for delivering the parcel to the consumer.

Cross-border e-commerce in Qianhai has realized the full coverage of “bonded import, bonded export and general export” businesses, as well as the full-path logistics development of “air, land and sea” thanks to the diversified logistics models explored by Shenzhen Customs.

Enterprises can complete all business processes, such as cargo collection, distribution and build-up, as well as security inspection, in the port area at one time, which saves six to eight hours on average.

At the same time, the shipping channels have been expanded to improve barge capacity and terminal operation efficiency. At present, more than 160 shipping routes have been opened for delivering goods to global ports.

2020-01-14 10:20:00