Fault-tolerant and correctional mechanism launched in Qianhai

Source : Qianhai Media Center

Fourteen provisions stipulating general principles, basic principles, situations and procedures, as well as supplementary provisions, on the fault-tolerant and correctional mechanism were launched in Qianhai in December 2019, aiming to provide institutional protection for cadres taking bold reform and innovation measures.

Combined with the daily work of various departments, 60 specific contents that are applicable to the fault-tolerant and correctional mechanism were listed in detail, covering Party construction, institutional innovation, industrial development, financial innovation, technological innovation, land management, engineering construction, administrative service approval, financial management and personnel management.

For the identification of fault-tolerant matters, a definite processing procedure has been set.

After receiving the notification of a decision on accountability, disciplinary action or organizational treatment, relevant personnel may submit a written application to the fault-tolerant identification and coordination team or the Party committee within one month if they consider themselves to be in compliance with the provisions of the fault-tolerant regulations. The team or Party committee shall decide whether to accept the application within 10 working days and inform the applicant of the result in writing.

The team or Party committee will investigate and verify the application through written review, on-site inspection, conversations with the parties involved, visits and inquiries. Generally, an investigation will be completed within one month of the date of acceptance. For complicated matters, with the consent of the person in charge of the team or the Party committee, the investigation time may be extended but the extension shall not exceed one month.

After investigation, the team or Party committee will make a determination opinion and submit it to the organ that made the original accountability or disciplinary determination for correction.

After the original decision is corrected, the results of the fault-tolerant determination will be delivered to the relevant units and individuals, which will serve as an important basis for the integrity assessment, promotion and performance appraisal of the cadre.

2020-01-08 10:14:00