Unique design of Qianhai International Conference Center

Source : Qianhai Media Center

As a waterfront urban area, Qianhai strives to create a harmonious relationship with the ecology. The Qianhai International Conference Center, which will be put into use in August 2020, also follows a green concept and reflects distinctive cultural features in its construction.

Ecological hoardings, hoarding lamps and green plants add radiance and beauty to each other at the construction site. A dust monitoring system is installed at all the entrances of the site, which monitors the concentration of particles in a real-time, remote and automatic manner through light scattering online monitor, cloud camera, and meteorological parameter acquisition equipments.

Facilities such as the automatic sprinkler system and the automatic car wash pool also helps to effectively reduce dust pollution at the site and build the site into a role model of green and ecological construction in the city.

The design of the conference center combines the traditional and modern techniques. The roof of the building uses the modern colored glazing glasses to mimic the traditional glazed tile-made roof. The design concept of the architecture is themed as ‘Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon’, which introduces the flying and stretching architectural feeling into the indoor space, and integrates the elements of Lingnan culture while accurately reflecting the regional characteristics of Qianhai.

The screen partition of Qianhai International Conference Center combines the design concept of Confucian ancestral temples, which serves as an extension of the country’s 5,000-year history and culture. The rail system adopts movable tracks and uses various high-strength components such as expansion screws, channel steel, and pulleys as the main load-bearing parts to offset the gravity of the tall panels. In addition, an arc-shaped automatic turning system is set by the principle of plane geometry, which makes the tall partition foldable, removable, nice-looking and practical.

The building surface of the conference center is totally built with curtain walls, which uses 3D scanning robots for data analysis and glass roof 3D model comparison during construction to improve efficiency. The overall shape of the building is like a vibrant elephant, which makes the conference center a characteristic building in the Qianhai free trade area.

2019-11-04 10:16:00