Metro Line 9 extension to start service at year end

Source : Qianhai Media Center

It will take only 44 minutes to travel from Qianhai to Luohu District by Metro after the extension of Metro Line 9 is put into operation by the end of December this year.
The extension, which starts at Hongshuwan South Station, an interchange station with Metro Line 11, will extend southward, passing through Shenzhen Bay, to end at Qianhaiwan Station. 
The extension project is undergoing official evaluation process before it starts a test run to prepare for formal service slated for the year end.
Covering a distance of 10.8 kilometers, the extension will have 10 stations, including four interchange stations with Metro lines 5, 12, 13 and 15. With the operation of the extension, Metro Line 9 will become a major rail line of the city’s underground traffic network that connects Qianhai and Nanyou in the western part of the city, as well as the high-tech park with Futian and Luohu districts. Currently, it takes more than one hour to drive from Qianhai to Luohu. The operation of the Line 9 extension is expected to relieve ground traffic pressure and provide residents with a fast transit option.
Metro Line 9 extension will become the fourth Metro line to service Qianhai following lines 1 and 11, as well as Line 5 extension, which will start service in October.

2019-08-12 09:46:00