Metro Line 5 extension starts test run

Source : Qianhai Media Center

On Aug. 4, the no-load trial run of the southward extension of Metro Line 5 commenced, making it the first Metro line to begin operation through Qianhai.
The 20-day trial period will simulate real Metro operation scenarios to ensure trains arrive and depart on time and to test the new control system.
The extension line, consisting of seven stations, starts at Qianhaiwan Station, an interchange station with Metro lines 1 and 11, and ends at Chiwan Station where it interchanges with Line 2.
During the test run period, all passengers on Metro Line 5 trains are required to get off at Qianhaiwan Station although the trains will continue southward to Chiwan Station.
Four branch lines on lines 1, 5, 9 and 11 have been constructed, interlacing through the three main areas of Qianhai -- Guiwan, Qianwan and Mawan. The southward extension of Line 5 and westward extension of Line 9 are scheduled to start carrying passengers in October and November, at which point the mileage of Shenzhen Metro network will surpass 300 kilometers in total. 

2019-08-08 09:45:00