Freeway interchange planned under sea

Source : Shenzhen Government Online

A tunnel under the sea will be built as an interchange connecting Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverside Expressway and Nanping Expressway in the Qianhai area, according to a plan that was approved at a recent executive meeting of the city government.

The Shenzhen Municipal Transport Commission put forward three options for the project that links the two expressways last June, including interchanges running over the sea, on land and under the sea, according to a report in Thursday’s Southern Metropolis Daily, quoting a source from the commission. The city government ultimately decided on the underground interchange option after discussion and suggestions from experts.

The project will be easy to implement as the Qianhai cooperation zone is still in the initial period of massive construction. It would be a big challenge if the urban area of Qianhai had already taken shape, according to the plan.

The construction of an on-land flyover is the easiest and cheapest, but it would occupy precious land and affect the urban environment and landscape. Additionally, vehicles passing through Qianhai would disrupt the flow of vehicles coming to and from Qianhai. An interchange over the sea would also have a low cost, but it would mar the view of the coastline and Qianhai Bay public space, according to the report.

The city will initiate a renovation of the Shenzhen-Guangzhou Riverside Expressway to link it with Dachan Bay in the west as well as to connect to the proposed Shenzhen-Zhuhai Passage in the future. The east end will be connected with Nanping Expressway and the new Shenzhen-Shanwei Expressway.

“The project, whether it goes under the sea or above the land, is of great importance to the city’s expressway network because Nanping Expressway will be connected with Zhuhai through the riverside expressway and Shenzhen-Zhuhai Passage,” said Wan Nianliang, deputy chief planner of Shenzhen Transport Planning and Design Institute.

The political advisory body also suggested an underground interchange for the connection between the riverside expressway and Nanping Expressway. Zhang Shaohua suggested relocating Qianhai Tollgate northward and building an underground tunnel to replace the 3-km elevated bridge.