Proposals focus on livelihood

Source : Shenzhen Daily

Thirteen deputies proposed popularizing intelligent lampposts across the city after the trial practices at Xiaoxiang Road and Qianwan No. 1 Road in Qianhai are completed.

The proposal was made at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress on Jan. 14.

The lampposts will serve multiple functions that integrate lighting, video monitoring, traffic and environment monitoring, wireless communications, information services and emergency calls.

In 2018, the standing committee filed a total of 848 proposals from deputies, which mainly covered livelihood sectors such as transportation, garbage classification, education, health care and administrative reform.

In transportation, the deputies care about planning, construction and management of public transport, high-speed railways, ports, parking spaces and shared bikes. Methods to improve the treatment of doctors and nurses, and ensure food and drug safety are also issues that they care about.

Regarding education, deputies have put forward proposals on adding more slots for school children and lunch services at schools, improving the salaries of teachers without personnel quotas, supporting private schools and tightening supervision on training institutions to improve service quality.