Commerce and logistics town put into service

Source :Shenzhen Daily

The Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Commerce and Logistics Town was inaugurated and put into service Sept. 14. A total of 23 companies, including 16 from Hong Kong, moved into the town on that same day.

Located in the 19th Unit of the Mawan area, the town covers a floor area of 85,000 square meters. It provides five major functions: a supply chain management center, a commerce and trade center, a culture and education center, apartments and service facilities.

Through the platform, Qianhai aims to help the commerce and retail industries of Hong Kong expand new development space and facilitate Hong Kong-funded logistics companies to tap the mainland market.

Huang Xiaopeng, executive deputy director of Qianhai authority said at the ceremony that Qianhai strives to create a Hong Kong-style consumption and living environment and will continue to roll out policies supporting the development of commerce and logistics companies and bring the Shenzhen-Hong Kong market integration to a higher level.

Times DF, a duty free shop in the town, officially opened after the ceremony. Since the soft opening of the shop in May, the store’s cumulative turnover has reached 15 million yuan(US$2.32 million), with the highest monthly turnover of 7.19 million.

A Hong Kong commodities display and sales center will also be set up in the town to introduce famous Hong Kong brands and make the town a benchmark project for Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation.

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2021-09-16 15:38:41