New business model enhances import & export efficiency

Source :Qianhai Communication Center

A batch of LED panels was recently exported to the United Kingdom by air, marking the full opening of a new joint import and export model for air freights under the partnership of Qianhai Comprehensive Bonded Zone and the Shenzhen airport.

Under the new model, the of the LED panels had completed all the customs export clearance formality at Qianhai Comprehensive Bonded Zone before having them transferred to the Shenzhen airport and loaded into a cargo plane heading for the U.K.

Previously, exported air freights had to go through customs clearance procedures at the airport before being loaded into cargo planes. The introduction of the joint import and export model saves exporters based in Qianhai Comprehensive Bonded Zone time and hassle in customs clearance.

The practice is expected to enhance the export efficiency for many high-tech companies in the bonded zone including Huawei, ZTE and DJI, and upgraded the supply chain in international trade.

It is one of Qianhai’s latest trade-facilitating measures to boost the development of cross-border commerce.

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2021-02-22 16:59:42