Construction on cross-sea passage in full swing

Source :Qianhai Communication Center

Some 900 workers went back to work on the construction project of the Mawan Cross-sea Passage in Qianhai on Feb. 13 when the nation was on the second day of the Chinese New Year holidays.

They volunteered to stay in Shenzhen for the project to avoid non-essential travels during the Spring Festival holidays to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Zhu Yong, a project manager.

“We handed out bonus and gift packages to the workers for a happy Spring Festival in Shenzhen. And we also organized a sumptuous Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner for them,” said Zhu, adding that their hard work made sure the project progress as scheduled.

The first subsea tunnel in the city, the 8.05-kilometer-long Mawan Cross-sea Passage will connect Qianhai with Bao’an District. It will start at the intersection of Mawan and Yueliangwan boulevards in the Mawan area and end at the intersection of Dachanwan Tollgate of Guangshen (Guangzhou-Shenzhen) Riverside Expressway, Jinwan and Xixiang boulevards in Bao’an.

The two-way-six-lane passage, with a designed speed of 40 kilometers per hour, is expected to ease traffic congestion in the Mawan area after the project is completed in 2023.The freight traffic in and out of the Nanshan port area will be diverted to the passage, separating from passenger traffic in Qianhai.

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2021-02-20 16:55:25