Architecture exhibition focusing on urban planning ends

Source :Qianhai Communication Center

The 2020 Qianhai Future Urbanism/Architecture Exhibition, which is also a part of the 8th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB), ended on Feb. 6.

The exhibition at the Qianhai Kerry Center attracted more than 30,000 visitors and 50,000 online audiences since its opening on Dec. 18, last year. Over 150 exhibitors, organizations and social groups from 20 countries and regions shared their academic explorations and works in the field of architectural planning and design in Qianhai.

As the first large-scale exhibition with academic value in Qianhai, it also held eight academic forums, which invited more than 50 experts from fields such as planning, architecture, landscaping, art and sociology to join in.

The experts conducted heated discussions and exchanges on a number of topics like urban development and architectural design. They also offered advice on how to solve the key urban problems generated during Qianhai’s construction.

The organizer of the exhibition also organized dozens of free activities for the public, allowing young audience members to simply understand the logic behind urban evolution, which is of profound significance.

The exhibition has won unanimous praise from the public and professional institute visitors, including Shenzhen University, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Overseas Chinese Town Group, Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co. Ltd, Zhubo Design, CCDI, Aedas, and AECOM.

The exhibition has served as a platform for cultural exchange. As of Feb. 4, the original media coverage of the event has reached to more than 1.25 million viewers worldwide.

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