Our Services

The services we provide: 

1 Essential services:

1.1 Provide enterprises with address affiliation, agent registration, official seals, bank account opening, personnel account registration, investment examination and approval, policy support, tax services, business consulting, support services and more. 

1.2 Build an information database of Qianhai enterprises and talent as well as that of professional business consultancies and assess such information. 

1.3 Enterprise business information service platform. Release authoritative information and address various enterprise-related and individual problems in a timely manner through Qianhai’s official website, Wechat, text messages and more. 

2 Value-added service: 

2.1 Establish and operate “Qianhai Partner Alliance”, organise exchange activities between industry association and members, integrate resources, and foster cooperation. 

2.2 Help enterprises in Qianhai promote their business planning and implement business exhibitions and business etiquette services. 

2.3 Develop resource advantages for companies’ advertising and provide enterprises with integrated advertising agency assistance, product promotion and image communication by cooperating with media, online contacts and others. 

2.4 Provide enterprises with talent recruitment, training, and human resources services. 

 2.5 Assist relevant departments in providing talent for security services such as housing security to create superior and convenient living conditions. 

 2.6 Other value-added services. 

Besides the above-noted functions, the company will also provide services to collaborate and cooperate with Qianhai administration to attract merchant groups and introduce talent: 

1 Collaborate with the Qianhai administration to promote merchant groups and introduce talent for work. Inspire core enterprises in the industrial chain and outstanding enterprises to establish their business in Qianhai. 

2 Unionise relevant industry associations, public service institutions and non-profit organisations to form a merchant group platform. 

3 Collect, systematise, summarise, and give feedback on project information and other enterprise needs. 

4 Track, communicate and bring in targeted enterprises. 

5 Formulate guidelines on consultancy policies, investment, and business reception.   


One-stop Electronic Service Centre 

• Simplify service process of enterprises and increase service efficiency; 

• Establish an international examination and approval system, and reduce and standardise the progress of administrative examinations and approvals; and 

• Introduce a new mode of centralised management for administrative matters, centralised sharing of examination and approval resources, and centralised supervision of the approval process. 

Functions of  Qianhai International Liaison Services Ltd at Hong Kong 

To provide investment related information and advice for Hong Kong enterprises interested in investing in Qianhai. Enterprises can enjoy a one-stop service offered by Qianhai Authority in Hong Kong through our HK Office. 

To promote Qianhai via integrated marketing communication channels including seminars, forums and site visits. 

To study and reflect potential challenges faced by Hong Kong enterprises when investing in Qianhai and to advise the Qianhai Authority about formulating related policies. 

To attract Hong Kong investment which is of strategic importance to the development of Qianhai. 

To engage key stakeholders including the commercial and professional sectors well as government and understand their needs