Qianhai Dream Park’s total land area covers 90,000 square metres, and the total construction area is 60,000 square metres, with a plot ratio of 0.6. This project includes the Shenzhen Hall area and the Dream Park area, including the 10,000 square-metre Shenzhen Hall, 36 office buildings with varying construction areas measuring between 200 and 1,600 square metres, a 3,300 square-metre commercial centre, a 3,000 square-metre surrounding commercial area, and a 6,000 square-metre underground car park. With the vertical and horizontal green belt serving as two geometrical axes, plus three north-south district lanes, the entire area will be built into a unique and sophisticated city district.

Romantic Green Square in the Street
Small squares and green spaces are distributed among different building groups within the park. They improve the public nature of the architectural space, extending the interior space to the outdoors, and leading the green landscape into indoor constructions. The open space around the building is carefully designed, from the floor to the watery landscape, and from the seats to the fixtures. The lighting and watery landscape perfectly complement the open space, strengthening the flexibility and romantic ambiance of Qianhai Enterprise Mansion with sound and lighting.
Cross-shaped Central Green Axis
The region’s landscape planning and architectural layout are closely connected to form a spatial structure with vertical and horizontal cross-shaped green axes as the skeleton, supported by segments of green space. The longitudinal green axis represents the central axis of the entire park. The lake on the green axis serves as the focus of the landscape, providing waterfront space for the construction groups on both sides of the axis. Around the lake, lush trees and fragrant flowers bloom. The lake is not only a place where one can rest but also a water purifier and repository. The transverse green axis is closely tied to the concept of ‘horizon’. Centred on the historical outline, a straight and extended platform follows from the height differential. The upper platform blends with the surrounding open space, while the lower platform consists mostly of green vegetation and linear waters. Waveform walls were adopted to create the side walls of the platform, forming a three-dimensional green space, with green grass and clean water. A linear green space for the public goes through the building groups of the Enterprise Mansion.
Dream Horizon – Garden Landscape
 The landscape of Shenzhen Qianhai Enterprise Mansion is designed based on the history of the place and on its topographical characteristics. The reclamation history of Shenzhen Qianhai and the change of the dike give the site a special geographical structure. The landscape was designed by making use of this spatial feature, enhanced by artistic refining and extensions. A concept was thus born: ‘horizon – the place where dreams rise’.
‘Public and Humanity’
 An advanced, international-standard ‘public service system’ will be used to provide a full range of humane services to the town, showing respect for each group in the town with public service positions available in various forms.

‘Intelligent and Efficient’
 With the planning of ‘Wise Qianhai’, an internationally-recognised top-tier ‘intelligent’ park management and service system will be created so that the model experience of Qianhai will continue into the future.
‘Green and low-carbon’
 By using Vanke’s mature, green and environmentally friendly technology and by integrating public health and leisure activities into system planning, Qianhai will create a high-quality, eco-pleasant office experience.
Technology Innovation: Building a Green, Efficient and Humane Town
 Qianhai prefers green structures over environmental destruction. It seeks long-term, low-carbon operations rather than high energy usage and low efficiency. It will implement a wise and efficient operations system with technology in keeping with internationally advanced levels. Moreover, Qianhai will provide a model with environmental contact management technology that is humane. It will do so by advocating initiative and convenience while urging an abandonment of passivity and wastefulness.